Photo Submissions would like to use your photos as a backdrop for our search page. Our site is frequently updated with new background images and we know that so many of you talented photographers have great images to share. Please send us some of your photographs and if we like them, we’ll post them on our website. Here are a few guidelines regarding photo submissions:


We are looking for images that radiate hope and inspiration for the future. This leaves a lot of room for creative interpretation which is up to you, but here are a few ideas to send you in the right direction…

-          images that portray society moving towards sustainability – renewable energy projects; portraits of peace from around the world

-          images that depict healthy ecosystems – recovering habitats; endangered/threatened species recovering or thriving

-          images of today to inspire tomorrow – healthy people enjoying life; future technologies being developed and implemented now




Please keep in mind that the center of the images will be covered by the search box and occasional text boxes below. This means that if your main image subject is in the top center of the photo, it will not be visible! Please keep this in mind when composing any images you would like to submit.


Please only submit photographs that are in focus and of adequate resolution. If it doesn’t look good on our computer screens, we probably won’t choose your photograph. Also, because these photos are only being used on our website, there is no need to send us an extremely large file.  Jpeg format works best and all images should be resized to 960x500 pixels to be considered for submission.


Don’t upload anything that isn't yours. Your submission should be your own work, not something you found online or downloaded from elsewhere. Also, please be certain you have the permission of identifiable persons to publish their photographs.


If your photograph is selected, we will credit the photographer and provide a link from our site to either your website, a website of your choosing to further explain the image, or provide an internal page on our website where you can post a description of the image and its significance.


To Submit:


Please send an e-mail with your photo to Please be sure to include your name/photographer’s name and a brief description of the image and where it was taken. Also include any one webpage address you would like the photo to link to if it is selected.