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  • Using "My Best" Organizer allows you to save significant time, never having to do sometihng twice
  • One click saves all websites that meet your search criteria
  • One click deletes all irrelevant sites from all search engines
  • Deleted sites in a particular search engine are automatically dimmed in all other search engines helping you avoid visiting unwanted results
  • Interrupted? You can easily reconstruct the search term process from where you left off
  • Paused searches can easily be accessed in your account and reconstructed without losing any past effort
  • We save all search terms processed organized with your own ranking for selected websites
  • Allows you to enter helpful notes about each website or the search term as a whole
  • In your "My Best" clipboard you can add websites recommended by friends, co-workers, or the media
  • Website copied to the "My Best" clipboard are highlighted when found in any search engine
  • When using bestSearch, you get the satisfaction that allows you to pay it forward
  • Receive 5 US cents for every search where your information is necessary to improve the bestSearch result. NOTE: Genuine searches only. This is not intended as a profit generating source by generating additional searches - see Terms of Service.
  • Receive a referral fee of $3 for any individual that collaborates with bestSearch in at least 25 different genuine searches - see Terms of Services.